Welcome to Serious Records. We are very proud of the new Tinklers release, SLOWPOKE, and we have some other offerings for the discerning music-lover. Serious Records was started as a mail art project in Chicago in 1992, and is now at home in Baltimore. We are grateful to our friends and fans who keep us going.




You're Not Broke But I'm Going to Fix You

"She's got a way about her. The Baltimore singer-songwriter can take a perfectly ordinary guitar and make it stall and sputter like an old Duster or rev and roll like a pick-up."

--Pat Rapa, Philadelphia City Paper



There's Always Someday

"The aural equivalent of a Riot Nrrd T-shirt...Oakland, California, singer-songwriter Owen starts with the high, cracked vocals and rough acoustic guitar of Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain," adds really dorky lyrics and sings as if he means every word of it."

--Eddie Huffman, Option



Slipping Off the Map

"...Zany hillbilly-type garage rock informailty with lots of great songs to get you yelping, happy to be invited to this mud bath of time."





Nineteen recent gems from Baltimore's favorite subversive folk duo. Includes "Chimpanzees are Having a Party" and many more.



also available, from Skoda Records:


Pet My Kitty, Mr. New York City

"A clever songwriter armed with little more than a guitar and her wits, Diana Froley stinks with charm and grace...The recording was done quickly and the immediacy is darned refreshing . Seek this out and thank me later."

--John Sekerka, Ottawa Express

To order, please send $12 each, or $20 for two, to: Serious Records

P.O. Box 50008

Baltimore MD 21211

Outside of the U.S., add extra.

e-mail <>

Please write for more information.

Thank you for supporting really, truly independent labels.


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