"I always get happy before a storm," said Steven, jumping around manically on the beach.

"Storms just make me feel depressed," said Mary, who was dragging behind. "How come we're always out of synch?", she asked a doctor who was sitting nearby on a beach chair, applying tanning ointment to his legs and chest. "Is there anything you can give us for it?"

"Well, we prescribe Lithium Carbonate to individuals who are manic-depressive, if the problem consists of an internal chemical imbalance, but we haven't tried it with couples."

"Just give me the pure stuff," Steven chimed in, "straight Lithium. That carbonated stuff upsets my stomach."

"Sorry, pal," the doctor answered, "it doesn't usually occur that way in nature. It's too reactive."

"Yeah, like us," Mary said. "But how's it work anyway?"

"Well," the doctor shrugged. "It's something about those neuro-transmitting chemicals that shoot thoughts through your brain. Fact of the matter is, Lithium's the lightest metal we have. We even used it in the H-bomb. And once we get the bugs out, we plan to use it as the fuel for our controlled fusion reactors. It'll be a cheap, clean source of power!"

"Wow!", said Mary, "I feel my energy coming back already!"

"I'm kind of depressed," said Steven, who was thinking about the terrible radiation locked inside the great cooling towers. And just then it began to rain.


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