"I feel so powerless, Mary," cried Steven, "so small, like a grain of sand, like the tiniest little speck..." They were sitting beside a great, seething body of dark water, at the end of a long, starless night.

"But, Steven!" cried Mary. For as they spoke, shades of pink and violet had begun illuminating the entire sky. "

Steven was shivering.

Mary touched his arm. Rising above the horizon was a splendid, glowing ball of light.

"It's the Sun, Steven."

And there, inside that magnificent fiery sphere hovering so far above them, innumerable tiny atoms of Hydrogen were crashing into each other, fusing together, and sending countless rays of light outward into space, a few of which reached Steven and Mary, warming their faces and elevating their spirits.

"Wow!, " Steven exclaimed. "That feels great!" And so, joining hands, they waded into the Hydrogen-filled sea to cool off.


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