U.F.O.'S (Frownland, Germany, 1995)

"Be sure to check out the Frownland 7". It's called "UFO'S" and it's all about space travel and science fiction and the songs are some of the best they've ever done. . . Rules!" -Tom Arnaert, Bazooka, Belgium, 1996

JAMES BROWN (Simple Machines, 1992)


4 BANDS (Garden of Delights, Wales, forthcoming)



THE TINKLERS (Widemouth Tapes, 1986)

"Widemouth Tape #8626 is a complete collection of the Tinklers; early home recordings, at times more interesting than the record." - Rick Sugden, Chemical Imbalance. Available from Widemouth Tapes:

(Widemouth Tapes)


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